Find below the step by step guide about how to install and use Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software


How to Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages?

Double click on Bulk WhatsApp Sender – AIS icon on your desktop

Type your Bulk WhatsApp Message you want to send in the message box shown below;

You can send up-to 5 different automated messages at a time.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Message Box

Right click in the number box to copy & past all your mobile numbers to whom you want to send bulk WhatsApp messages as shown in below screenshot;

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Copy Numbers

Paste numbers in the box below. Numbers should start with country code for e.g. 91 for India

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Copy Numbers Paste

As you can see that, all the number are imported successfully;

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Copy Numbers Copied

Once your message and numbers are added in the software, click on the button Start Campaign to start sending the bulk WhatsApp messages

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Start Campaign

Give the name for your bulk WhatsApp Campaign;

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Start Campaign Name 1

Now, Click to Initiate button to open and link your WhatsApp

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Initiate page will be opened automatically to scan the QR code and link your WhatsApp from which you want to send bulk messages;

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Scan QR Code

Once your mobile device is linked successfully the status will change to the Initialized and you can now click on the start button to start sending bulk WhatsApp messages!

Keep you computer, internet and WhatsApp ON when messages are sending. You may do you other work side by side.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Start

How to Add Buttons to Bulk WhatsApp Messages?

Click on the Add Button option

Buttons in Bulk WhatsApp Sender

You will find 3 button options to add in your message as shown below;

Buttons Added in Bulk WhatsApp Sender

You can see the sample below WhatsApp message with buttons;

WhatsApp Message with Buttons

How to Upload Contacts via Excel File for Bulk WhatsApp?

First of all download sample excel file format to upload contact numbers;

Download Sample Excel

Refer below the sample excel file in which you can upload the contacts. Do not change first 2 columns. You can add your own column for data mapping.

Sample Excel File

Now click on Upload Excel button to upload your contacts;

Upload Excel Contacts WhatsApp

As you can see below, all the numbers are uploaded from the excel file;

Excel Contacts Uploaded WhatsApp

How to Set Delay Timer in WhatsApp Message Sending?

Set delay timer between your 2 WhatsApp messages. Delay timers helps to send messages like human sending behavior to help preventing your account flagged as a Marketing Bot.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Delay Timer

How to Update Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software?

Click on the setting icon on the top and then click on the Check for Internal Update button to auto update your bulk WhatsApp sender software;

How to check Bulk WhatsApp Sender License Validity?

Click on the settings button on the top and then click on the About button to view your software license validity.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender License Validity